How to illuminate your garden

Garden is a pretty nice addition to a house, so if you have one – consider yourself lucky. Good lighting is very important for a garden, yet it can be tricky to set up. You might not know what parts of the garden you need to illuminate or what type of lighting will be better to choose. Read further if you struggle with organizing garden lighting, we will give you some useful tips!

Plan the lighting by zones

Each zone in the garden requires a specific type of lighting; some of them need stand lamps, some – wall lights, etc. There are four general zones in each garden: entrance, rest zone, plantings and paths. Below you can find what lighting works better with each of them.   


First off, you need to make sure that the entrance to the garden is well-lit. Usually, entrance area has a terrace, so putting stand lamps won’t be advisable – they will be in the way. Instead, use wall lights – they will save space for your terrace.  

Here is a good example of wall lights; they are big enough to light up a terrace and don’t use much space.

Rest zone

Rest zone lighting gives many variations. If it has a roof, feel free to use hanging lights. If it’s an open space, it’s better to place high stand lamps – they will serve as decorations as well, like these flamingo lamps, for example.  


For planting zones it’s best not to use massive lamps, take something small instead. These lights are perfect for putting them among flowers and other small plants.


For paths we recommend using shorter stand lamps or lanterns; they’re closer to the ground and light it up nicely. Try these waterproof lights – rains and watering won’t damage them.

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