Four important tips for organizing space at home

No matter how big your house or flat is, there’s never enough space unless you organize it correctly. Small items tend to create a mess if there’s no storage place for them, not to mention big ones. Here are four tips on how to organize space at home.

1. Use boxes

You have no idea how useful the boxes are. First, they help with sorting and organizing items – a certain box for certain objects. Second, they make it easier to clean – you only need to move them around and do some dusting. Finally, they save space: neatly organized things take less space than if they’re put randomly.

We advise getting boxes with covers, like these ones for example.

2. Get storage organizers

Such items as cosmetics and makeup, pens and other stationary need to be put in organizers. They have several tiny drawers for different objects, so that it would also be easier to find them later. This is the perfect example of organizer box for makeup, but you can use it for other items. You can also use separate small storage boxes for organizing desktop space.

3. Make use of the walls

Walls can actually fit many objects if you desperately need a place for storage. And no, you can use not only shelves there but also hooks – even better if it’s combined. These shelves with hooks can fit many items both on top of them and below, especially if you add hanging organizers.

4. Put away toys

If you have a child, you know how messy the floor can get from all the toys there. To avoid this mess, get a special storage basket for toys. You don’t need to sort through the toys, just put them in and take them out whenever it’s needed.

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