Decorating the bedroom: a small guide

Bedroom is arguably the most important place at home; it’s the room you feel the most relaxed at. That’s why it’s important to decorate it carefully, so that bright accents wouldn’t annoy you or figurines wouldn’t get in the way. We will share some tips on how to decorate the bedroom efficiently.

Don’t use bright colors

Bright colors are good in the bathroom or at the kitchen, but a bedroom is supposed to be a calm place, so the color scheme should be calmer, too. Choose rugs and curtains either in light pastel tones or in darker shades, like royal blue or emerald green.

Match the main accents

The main accents in your bedroom are curtains, rugs and bedding – they are the first to be noticed. Try choosing a bedding set of the same shade or color palette as the curtains or rug. You can also add cushions to match some of the above if other things don’t go together.

Choose the appropriate lighting

Lighting doesn’t necessarily fit into the decorations category, but it certainly might be one. Lights and lamps should be of the same style as the interior design of the bedroom. You should also choose which zones to illuminate; usually, ceiling light in the center of the room and wall or stand lamps next to the bed are enough.

Decorate the walls

Your bedroom will look empty if the walls don’t have any decorations on them. Choose a poster, painting or sticker considering the main theme of your design – if there are flowers on the cushions or bedding set, choose a picture with flowers.

Small details

And, of course, don’t forget to add small details to your bedroom. They can be vases, plants, or figurines; but remember: don’t put too many of them.

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